Thursday, 25 August 2016

What are Journalists saying about My Selfie in 3D?

Make Memories Last! Create Enduring Photo Gifts with MySelfie in3D

MySelfie 3D offers customers a new and unique way to save memories!

London UK, Thursday 28th July 2016 – The portrait has long been the most enduring of keepsakes; we’ve been creating them since the earliest of men began daubing cave walls with charcoal. As we developed more sophisticated techniques, lovers would wear miniatures of their sweethearts in lockets and broaches, and these days we keep our loved ones close through photographs.

With MySelfie in 3D you can now create beautiful, wearable gifts from your favourite photographs, so the ones you love are never far away. Working with high quality nylon, brass, gold plate and precious stones, using cutting edge techniques, MySelfie in 3D creates beautiful gifts and jewellery from your favourite prints. Whether you’re wanting to capture a special memory, create a quirky gift, keep your loved ones close, or immortalise your favourite pet, MySelfie in 3D can help you to make a truly unique keepsake.

With framed portraits, keyrings, a range of jewellery – rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles, with or without precious gem adornment – and even portraits for the blind on offer, you’ll be completely spoilt for choice.

Each piece of jewellery is available in a selection of attractive designs and settings, from the glimmering ‘Maharaja’s Treasure’ to the classic ‘Cleopatra’; each one thoughtfully fashioned to bring the best out of your photographs. The portrait prints are available in different sizes and shapes, with miniature relief-sculpture-style prints also available.

It’s the people and the pets that we have near us that make our lives worthwhile. Why not create something truly special to commemorate the people and events which matter to you?

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By the way, We have been featured in the Huffington PostUSA.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Golden Lion Ring Selfie / at Lion

The Lion is the king of the jungle, but also a mighty animal. This felid has been used in history in many flags and seals representing power and strength. Are you a Lion?. This is also the perfect gift for your "lion". Besides, we encourage you to buy more than one, because packs of lions like to be together. The Lion ring selfie is also decorated with a lion in 3D in both sides as well. You can always wear this ring with your best dresses, a suit or in a more casual situation.The at sign gives the lion a modern touch, and the design wants to show that we live in an internet dominated and technological world.

My lovely and fiery Pet: at Lion!