Monday, 30 May 2016

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby. You have a loving heart!

May be you are in love. Could be that you have just fallen in love or may be you fell in love long ago. Who knows?. Love is not about time or space. It is beyond!. You know when something is beyond time and space, because you feel and you notice that this feeling is not changing at all. The same thing happens with this Ruby Ring Selfie, its materials are beyond time and space, its 24K gold overlay brass and steel will last forever, its compassionate Ruby red heart will be always with you and the Selfie of your beloved will love you forever.
Like your couple, if you treat this ring well, it will be with you in all the situations that may come, good or bad times, when you are queuing, this lovely ring will be with you, when you are watering the plants, this stunning Selfie will be close to you, when you are dancing in the streets, this gorgeous Ruby heart will give you more and more...

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