Monday, 11 July 2016

Maharaja´s Treasure secret Jewel

Maharajas and Maharanis were the Kings and Queens rulers of ancient India and southern Asia. They were famous all over the world for their passion for jewelry. One of their biggest pieces, was the breathtaking 61.50-carat whiskey-coloured diamond, "The Eye of the Tiger", that was mounted by Cartier in a turban aigrette for the Maharaja of Nawanagar (India) in 1934. Besides, Tipu Sultan was the ruler of Mysore (south India) and artefacts made for him were decorated with tiger motifs.

Truth be told, the lovely and fiery tiger has always been in the news in India; both for killing people and other animals and also for being hunted by Maharajas, Sultans, and important soldiers of British India.

This wonderful and magical wild animal has inspired hundreds of fine jewelry designs for Queens and Maharanis. This could have been one of India´s Crown Jewels: the Tiger Ring. Its design with 3 Rubies on top and 3 emeralds behind the tiger, shows off the opulence of this unique royal life. With this ring finished in 24 K gold overlay brass and steel, we also want to support the survival of this marvelous and endangered felid by helping with his preservation.

Maharaja´s Tiger Jewel

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